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We're back and weird as ever. Issue 4 looks at climate change, reading storm radar, and chasing tornadoes online. Next, a feature by Alex PatrĂ³n on the Holy Rollers cult of Oregon. We also grabbed BPMC's Paup Eye glitch camera, and took it out for a spin shooting the West's many landscapes. Plus, we play through our 2021 GOTY, Cruelty Squad.


Paup Eye Camera
How to Start a Cult
What is a Supercell?

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Previous Editions

Issue 1

Issue 1 Cover

Aerial invaders terrorize Los Angeles, video is glitched into new dimensions, and we celebrate 100% ElectroniCON 1 & 2 by giving an overview of vaporwave. Plus, our favorite vaporwave albums, and an interview with DMT Tapes FL about their role as vaporwave's most prolific label.


Protest Cover

A compilation of tips for protesting - first aid, what to bring and wear, how to stay safe, and what to do if you are arrested. Available for free download as a .PDF and for home printing, all profits from the printed version sold here were donated to bail funds for protestors.

Issue 2

Issue 2 Cover

In the long-awaited Issue 2, we interview VAPERROR and DATAGIRL, and reflect on the experience of attending 100% Electronicon 2. In a first, we also feature a poem from a contributor, "Black Market Memory", by Sara Goodman.

Issue 3

Issue 3 Cover

As we headed into fall, for Issue 3, we interviewed AIRDORF and JESSICA HARVEY of ARBITRARY METRIC, and briefly surveyed the blooming Indie Horror Game scene. Roman Fruehan is also on hand, to do a deep dive into the Italian Film Maestro Lucio Fulci's long and varied horror filmography.


What is The Virtual Haus?

The Virtual Haus is a 40 page, pocket-sized guidebook to underground subcultures and the weird and eerie, created by Forward Instinct.

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Yes! We're interested in working with artists, writers, and musicians. Hit us up at editor@thevirtual.haus to start a conversation.

Why a physical zine?

With how fast culture and the internet move, as well as how often ideas get compressed into soundbites and great art gets forgotten in bookmark folders, we wanted to create a platform that is less ephemeral, less about endless content delivered at maximum speed, and more about quality, patience, and the overlooked. That said, we do offer Digital Copies now for a lower price.

Why start a zine now?

Many folks know us from Forward Instinct's games, but our creative network and interests run far deeper than that - we've always felt limited in our ability to collaborate by sticking strictly to games. No longer! With The Virtual Haus, we are free to move beyond games and into the arts and literature at large.

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In exchange for your loyalty, we're taking a cut in profit so that you can save money vs. just buying every issue on release. We've rolled shipping costs into the 4-issue price, and you get issues as soon as they're ready to go. By doing so, we'll have more confidence making the zine if we know there's a dedicated audience waiting on the next issue.

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We mail all our zines in cardboard mailers, but even so, things happen. Send a photo of the zine to us and don't hesitate to contact us with any concerns at editor@thevirtual.haus.

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